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Welcome to Playnotes Washington, DC!

The Path To Development Through Rhythm and Song

Where each child has the opportunity to embrace their own perfectly unique melody.

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Designed by Music Therapists, our approach is centered on empowering children to take the lead in their musical exploration.  Our mission is to provide an enriching musical experience that places each child at the forefront, allowing them to navigate and shape their own musical journey.


Playnotes at your Learning Center

Where each child has the opportunity to embrace their own perfectly unique melody

We will come to your center’s classrooms, offering each group of children a 30-minute music session that is fun, interactive, and promotes developmental skills.

  • Funded by the Center: $60 per 30-minute session. Discounted rates for multiple sessions per visit.

  • Funded by the Families:  $12 per child for one 30-minute session. Additional siblings are half off. Families enroll on our website, and we communicate with the childcare center.

Meet The Team

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Haley Welsh, MT-BC


Haley is the proud founder and owner of Playnotes, dedicating her career to the transformative potential of Music Therapy. As a Music Therapist, Haley specializes in using Music Therapy to uplift individuals of all abilities, including those with intellectual disabilities and in behavioral health settings. Her humanistic approach ensures that each therapeutic intervention is tailored to the unique strengths and needs of the individuals she serves. Collaborating with multiple clinical organizations, Haley has extended her expertise to diverse settings, fulfilling her deep passion for making a meaningful difference through music therapy . Inspired by the joy and curiosity of her three young children, Haley embarked on the creation of Playnotes’ children's music program. Alongside her talented team, she brings individualized and tailored music sessions to numerous learning centers throughout the Pittsburgh area. This program is a testament to Haley's commitment to nurturing the next generation through music, fostering cognitive, emotional, and social development in young minds. When Haley is not working, she enjoys being outside, hanging out with her family, and camping.


Calli Puko, MT-BC

Scheduling Coordinator

Calli Puko is a board certified music therapist who received her Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy and a minor in Psychology from the State University of New York in Fredonia, and completed her internship at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland. She has been a member of the Playnotes team since the beginning in March 2021, working with childcare centers, children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and adolescents in behavioral health. Calli has helped Playnotes grow and expand across Pennsylvania by developing and implementing numerous programs, and collaborating with directors and other on site professionals. Her favorite parts of her work with Playnotes are the amazing opportunities she’s been given, like introducing music into childrens’ lives for the first time and giving a TedX talk on music therapy. Calli respects and praises her clients for their unique ideas and abilities, and values them no matter their situation or diagnosis. Through her music therapy practice, she provides a safe space for clients to express their individuality and make their voices heard. When she’s not working or making music, you can find Calli crocheting and playing with her cats.

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Allyssa Heitzenrater, MT-BC

Internship Director

Allyssa Heitzenrater is the Internship Director and a Music Therapist at Playnotes. Since receiving her Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology from Duquesne University, Allyssa has been dedicated to using a person-centered approach to help people increase their quality of life, practice coping skills, and achieve their social/emotional goals. Allyssa is passionate about sharing joyful music experiences with people, especially young children. Their curiosity and creativity continues to inspire her every day! As the Internship Director at Playnotes, Allyssa loves helping future Music Therapists learn and hone their skills, so that they can enter the wonderful world of Music Therapy with confidence. When Allyssais not working you’ll find her caring for her large collection of plants, playing outside, and making as much art and music as possible!

About Playnotes Washington, DC

Where each child has the opportunity to embrace their own perfectly unique melody.

1802 Vernon St NW, #1042, Washington, DC 20009

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