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Creative Melodies uses a person centered approach to music therapy services. We encourage children to use music to express who they are and we take into account their culture, age, identity, beliefs and heritage. Everything we present musically is tailored to their strengths, while giving the opportunity to embrace the ability and the freedom to change. With this person center approach, we also highlight the child’s support network… their foundational person(s). This person could be you. You could be “The Foundation”. This month, it is my privilege to present to you, Christina Sim. We asked her simple, yet heavy questions about topics of the role of music in her family’s life and how she guides her child in a manner that encourages their beliefs in their own abilities. Her answers embody the importance of rooted empowerment with which in return, creates a solid foundation for her son.

Meet Christina. “I’m Christina Sims. I’m a mother, wife, mompreneur, and total foodie. Professionally, I’m a Personal Branding and Marketing Strategist, speaker, and founder of Mom Meets Life.

My mission is to empower women to create profitable brands through story and a strong online presence. I pride myself on possessing a bold, forward thinking, and unapologetic mindset that sets me apart in an industry that is focused on perfectionism and scripted approaches. I’m most proud of helping hundreds of women achieve time and financial freedom to live a life on their own terms and provide for their family.

My son is my miracle child. His heart stopped twice during labor which led to me delivering him via an emergency Caesarean section. Despite his traumatic birth experience, he arrived with such a zeal for life and it was a priority for me and my husband to continue to build upon that. My first memory of him was that he was able to hold his head up on his own the very next day and was the most alert newborn I had ever encountered.

Our son, Greyson, is and has always been highly exploratory and physical by nature. We encourage him to safely test his boundaries and encourage him to keep trying to overcome frustration and limiting beliefs.

Empowerment is monumental to our family because as an interracial family, we have encountered adversity and understsand as a biracial man, he will as well. We practice affirmations, encourage learning with representation and start and end his day with undivided attention to him.

Music has been an integral part of my family’s life. I used to play R & B and Bluegrass when I was pregnant and everytime I would play it, my son would move around. After he was born, he was colic and did not sleep often. Anytime I would play music in those genres, he would immediately calm down and fall asleep. Now, as an emerging toddler, we enjoy using music to teach him education and bible stories and also for exercise. We find he memorizes easier through music and empowers him to have his own personality through movement and recollection.”

Look what Christina developed. It is incredible.

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