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Playnotes with Young Children

Where each child has the opportunity to embrace their own perfectly unique melody

Playnotes is an interactive music making experience where our board certified Music Therapists create individualized and tailored music sessions to enhance children’s developmental skills. Our 5 session series fits perfectly within your child’s learning & childcare center.

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Playnotes uses music to support each child’s abilities and strengths

Check out the series listed below

Enrolled by the parents. Offered at the Childcare & Learning Center

Playnotes series are designed to be repeated, but never the same. Our team of board certified music therapists will design and implement series that will fit with your child’s abilities and promote developmental growth. We will team with your child’s childcare & learning center staff to assist them in selecting the perfect series for their classroom.

Series are offered back to back throughout each childcare & learning center's classroom. All of our series are designed to fit within a 5 week span, 1 day per week for 30 minutes within each classroom. One series equals 5 sessions. 

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How Can Playnotes Come To Your
Childcare & Learning Center?

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